How I Became a Nonprofit Development Consultant

As a mother of three and a passionate advocate for social development, my life took a pivotal turn when I moved to Sweden in 2015.

It wasn't just a change of scenery; it was my chance to make a real difference in the nonprofit sector.

I decided to refresh and expand my knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, leading me to a unique and unexpected field of study for my Master's Degree: Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

This program wasn't just about understanding facts; it was a deep dive into the human aspects of violence, its causes, and far-reaching impacts. It equipped me with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by populations living in adverse conditions, shaping my approach to helping those in need.

Focusing on Resilience and Recovery

Reflecting on my research, I made a critical decision to concentrate on supporting the resilience and recovery of communities going through hardship. This focus has been instrumental in my work with nonprofits, allowing me to provide tailored support to communities in the toughest of circumstances.

You can learn more about my research here: Diana's Research.

By providing strategic planning, fundraising support, and educational opportunities, I aim to help these organizations thrive and regain control of their destinies.

Let's Make a Difference Together

Are you part of a nonprofit looking to maximize your impact?

Let's work together to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and change.

Contact me to start a conversation about how we can make a lasting difference in the world.