Picure taken to thank my services. (Move For Two, NGO, South Africa)


Diana, Thank you sooo much again for ALL of your hard work, I can't even tell you how good the report is looking and how much we appreciate ALL of your time and effort. (Nastascha Coetse, www.movefortwo.org/)


Diana is smart, committed, takes initiative, and an independent worker. She is absolutely passionate about helping the nonprofits and thus took her job incredibly seriously. (Robyn Mays, Digital Butter)


Dear Diana, we are popping in here simply to say THANK YOU!  You have given your attention , time and skills to us this year and have added such value to what we do. We could never do what we do without you! So, Thank yuo from the bottom of our hearts. (Jessica and Nastasha, www.movefortwo.org)


I was so impressed by the quality of her writing and thinking. Diana has a very scientific mind and appears to really enjoy working through complex problems methodically and purposefully. (Jonathan Hall, Uppsala University, Sweden)


Many thanks for all the fine work, your willingness to understand and learn new things and contribute with good ideas. (Maria Nilsson, Swedish Red Cross)


Thank you so much for your support to QARMA Unit. (Lina Myrgår, Swedish Red Cross)


Thank you so much for your engagement and hard work. ( Josefin Edberg, Swedish Red Cross)